Sunday, 29 January 2012

Our Sleepover

Hi everybody!

Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend.

I am currently with my friend, Lilah. We had an AMAZING sleepover, it was so much fun!!!!

So, today, we're going to be telling you about what we did - it was fabulous!

In tradition, we exchanged gifts.

Lilah bought me a really beautiful Cath Kidston notebook...

Here's the inside...

And I gave her these...

I just love getting and giving gifts!

Anyway, next, we ate a little bit. Lilah had these AMAZING edible paper notes which were delicious!(sorry not the greatest of photos).

Thanks Lilah! I just polished them off!

Then we watched a couple of episodes of..

Then, we came down, got a takeaway pizza...

Complete rubbish, but so funny :-)

Then, we watched half of....

But then we got bored, and went on our DS'. We played...

This is a great game, but gets boring after a while!

So then, we messed around and talked and got into our PJS, and our midnight (well, 10 0' Clock) feast consisted of: Strawberry Laces, parma violets and another 8 tiny sweets. What a generous pick and mix server!!! (Inside Joke).

Then, we went to to sleep. Well - kind of. We talked for a lot of it. About friends and school and stuff :-) We don't go to the same school, so our friendship is kind of special because we've never gone to the same school and we used to go to the same synagogue (that is how we know each other) but now we don't, so its amazing that we still keep in touch and are really close friends :-)

The next morning, we woke up really early - by Lilah farting. Yes, unfortunately, it happens to us all. I was awakened by a very loud noise on Lilah's behalf. Thanks for that, Lilah - jks :-)

Then we watched the FUNNIEST movie ever!!!!!

It's called Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and its HILARIOUS.
It's great, and, as I said, really funny!

Then we played Harumika. Harumika is SO expensive, but loads of fun to play with :-)

And finally, we made each other up - the essential at a sleepover!! Hm. Didn't go too well.

That's all from me now, but I just wanted to say big thanks for Lilah for being the loveliest friend ever!

Oh yeah, and you forgot your phone and DS at my house.



  1. ahh thanks orli! heheheh i feel so stupid for leaving my phone and by the way i did NOT fart!the end of the movie is grt we got to 60 or so minuted but defo watch it, i cant wait to see you next saturday xxxxx lilah

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ur such a grt friend tooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. anyway how is a jelly bean queen watch this ! sorry anyway i love your blog orli here the link:

  4. i meant to say anyone who is not anyway how is

  5. I am sure Lilah will agree that you cannot comment on farters!!! :) Fab post!! xxxx